Music with “Our Voix” (pint~free)

“A garden of promising & prospering future” is what our team was able to locate on Sunday morning in the midst of busiest skyscrapers of Cyber City, Gurugram at Guftugu Cafe.

What else should the city aspire for when Gen Y has understood & taken the responsibility of Gen Z ; preventing and preserving the childhood with in the children around them by spreading awareness & protecting them from getting abused physically, psychologically, sexually or even socially.

The group is a bouquet of all creative and exuberant people communicating their thoughts upon the Child Safety through live music, riddles, stories, jokes,  games & activities. They’re touching a very sensitive & important issue in as simple and as joyous manner as they can. The intent to spread awareness and contribute to the children at large is very clear.

To be best quoted in their own words :

A lot of people say,” start the talk”, “speak up”, “don’t remain quiet against child sexual abuse”. We believe it is only possible when we start these conversations in our day to day lives.

The programme is conducted by a youth run organization named Our Voix that aims to prevent Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) by empowering children. They started their journey from London with team members being Lawyers, Psychologists, Management Consultants, etc. who are working from London, USA and India.

They conduct workshops to Sensitize children, teachers and parents against CSA to keep childhood a safe place. These workshops encourage Awareness and Prevention by empowering children in a child friendly manner.

We met the founder Megha Bhatia who hosted this awareness session and hope that she along with the team Our Voix continue to keep conducting more of such programmes in their own uniquely imaginative ways.

If you have attended or are going to attend any of the programmes of Our Voix, please make sure that you revisit this blog and share your feedback or review at

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