The 2:1 Club (pint~free)

A space where an expression evolves into an impression !!

The 2:1 Club is based out of Gurugram which speaks about thousand things that a common metro person has lost time to think about and is in immediate need and sub-conscious urge of these never-prescribed dozes of Self-Actualization.

They essentially deal in the art of expressions whether through talking, speaking, running a presentation, giving feedback, participating in activities, managing & hosting the session or just by being a spectator inside the room.

The Club has created a self learning, non-judgemental, non-classroom and a creative think-zone environment where visitors not only explore various interactive topics but also recognise their own characteristics, hidden qualities & a complete self.

Sessions happen fortnightly on regular basis. The group has brought varieties of guests & members ranging from engineers, data analysts, lawyers, tax experts, chartered accountants, mountaineers, poets, theatre artists, singers, entrepreneurs, house wives, teachers, students, advertisers, doctors, archeologists etc. & etc.

They follow a simple feedback mantra of acknowledging the compliments before addressing the improvement areas. The Club has also been visiting various schools and educational institutes; been to places like Rajasthan, New Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh; works with Corporates on invitations and most interestingly do a regular CSR activities at orphanages, old age homes, BPL localities, environmental org etc. They have completed more than 2 years with over 60 odd sessions till date.

The Club’s session must not be missed, if you’re in the city – Gurugram or the other way round.

If you get a chance to join any session of this Club, please make sure that you revisit this blog and share your own review at

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